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Lions And Lobos Banding Together

Mid-Game Cancelation Brings the Two Marching Bands together

When the clouds started rolling in over the players’ heads at September 8th’s football game against the Little Elm Lobos, players and audience alike feared the delay in the game. When everyone was inside, the weather threatened to storm out any chance of the players getting back on the field, and the decision was made to call it quits last Friday.

When the football fans began heading out the door, the band’s parents, friends, and siblings were still waiting for the show they might have not gotten at all if it were for the creative minds of the band directors.

Band Director Eddie Jimenez suggested that the Lobo band move into the field house until they had the space to bring their semi truck and buses close enough to start loading their equipment. Typically during a football game the bands are allowed, they will send some of their members over to the other side to socialize and have a quick Q&A with the other side.

This game, instead of traveling to the other side of the field, the Lion band went just across the band hall into the field house to play stand tunes with the Lobo band. The Lions were blown away with how the Lobos sounded, and by the pride the Lobos took in all of their work.

Senior Emily Hillhouse said “I enjoyed playing with them, it was a nice experience because they had a nice loud sound. I could also tell there was a lot of passion when they played.”

Junior Mason Darden said “I enjoyed playing with the Lobos, it was nice to see their dedication, and how they did things differently than our band.”

The lions enjoyed playing with the Lobos, even though it was a challenge keeping up with a band a lot bigger than they were. However, the Lobos were eager to help the Lions out when it came to a song the Lions had never played before.

Sophomore Justin Wade said “I didn’t know one of the song that we were playing, so it was a difficult sight reading off of their music, but it was still a great experience.”
“When they played one of the songs, one we had never played before, it was a good challenge to test our sight reading skills,” said Emily.

And after the bands were done showing their skills together, there was time for the members to introduce themselves and get to know each other a little better.

Justin said, “It was really cool, I love playing with other trombones, and we get along so well. I hope someday our band will have a big trombone section like they do.”

Mason continued and said, “It was interesting because we were from different schools, but we were united by playing the same instrument.”

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. When saying goodbye to each other, they promised the other side to say hello if seen at a competition. And everyone could agree, it was nice having the Lobo pack hang out with the Lion pride.

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Shae Locklin is a Junior and a first year member of LionNationOnline Staff, where she serves as a Staff Writer. She enjoys making art, creating music with her friends, and all things outdoors. Shae is also involved in the school’s marching band, where she plays the bass drum.