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Christmas Creativity

National Art Honors Society Gets In The Holiday Spirit

The National Art Honors Society (NAHS) is always up to something creative to help everyone get into the spirit, whether it’s face painting at games, making gifts to people to purchase for themselves, or for someone to give away.

Junior Cayla Williams said, “It’s been so fun making ornaments, and using art to help a good cause.”

This year, NAHS made an assorted Christmas card bundle, and comes with ornaments to hang on your tree. The card design features stars, a nativity scene, and poinsettias. Each card was made using colored ink rolled onto a large handmade stamp, known as a print. Then, the print is turned over and pressed onto the desired surface, in this case the card.

The ornament tied around the card bundle features all kinds of fun festive shapes. Characters like snowmen, angels, snowflakes, bells, and christmas trees. The clay ornament were made by rolling out sheets of clay, then using cookie cutters to cut out the fun shapes.

The NAHS members used tools and techniques to put fun patterns and designs in the ornaments. Next, the trinkets were put in the kiln, a large stone furnace used for firing (cooking) clay sculptures and pottery, which can reach over 2,500 degrees fahrenheit. Firing the clay hardens it, and makes it stronger, but can still break if dropped. After it is fired for the first time, NAHS members use pigments called glaze which is used to color the clay. After the pieces are fired again to make the colors brighter and fuse them to the clay, they are ready to be put up for sale at Levi’s Locker.

Cayla said “It’s exciting to know my artistic abilities are being used toward Prestonwood Pregnancy Center.”

Junior Charlotte Goonetilleke said “It’s fun knowing we have a positive impact on the community, inside and around the school.”

But what is the purpose of all this hard work? Why sell something you’ve poured so much time and effort into? Although the art is being sold at Levi’s Locker, all of the profits will benefit Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, an organization who helps women with unexpected or potentially unwanted pregnancies find peace and the gift of life in their stressful times.

If you would like to help Prestonwood Pregnancy Center and the whole National Art Honors Society, stop by Levi’s locker and pick up a pack of ornaments and christmas cards, and have a merry christmas, and a happy new year.

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Shae Locklin is a Junior and a first year member of LionNationOnline Staff, where she serves as a Staff Writer. She enjoys making art, creating music with her friends, and all things outdoors. Shae is also involved in the school’s marching band, where she plays the bass drum.