What are Students Doing During Christmas Break?

Catch up with the students on their go-to Christmas break routines


Every year students are awaiting Christmas break, a time where they can relax from a long, stressful semester right after midterms. This gives students a moment to travel to their favorite spots, revive family traditions, and enjoy their favorite Christmas activities. This year, the break starts after high school’s final exams from December 17 – January 3rd.

A panel of students gave their favorite traditions and things to do over the break.

Freshman Hayden Fox said, “My favorite thing to do is make christmas cookies while watching the movie, Elf. My favorite family tradition is all my family getting together on Christmas Eve and we wear matching Christmas pjs. On Christmas morning, we open presents as a family.”

Sophomore Ella Henrie said, “I am really excited to get some good sleep after such a long semester. Our family tradition is waking up early and eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.”

Senior Caden Scott said, “My favorite thing to do over Christmas break is going to my different grandparents’ houses, so I can catch up with and spend time with them. My family tradition is just eating Christmas dinner and opening presents on Christmas morning.”

Senior Emma Loschen said, “My favorite thing to do over Christmas break is I get to see my friends I do not get to visit with during the year and look at the lights. A special tradition in my family is going to the lake for new years and being out with all our neighbors.”

This Christmas break is a great opportunity to catch up with family members and to spend quality time with loved ones. With the long time given off, students have plenty of time to travel and plan exciting things for the family to enjoy.