LNO Reviews: Levi’s Locker

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LNO Reviews: Levis Locker

Have you ever been in dire need of a snack or a drink during the day? Or even a new sweatshirt or t-shirt? Well you are in luck! The school store Levi’s Locker has got you covered with everything you need to get you through the day! Headed by Mrs. Toby Graham and Mrs. Stacey Walsh, Levi’s Locker is constantly being renovated and restocked each day for students to purchase much needed items.

Walking through the front doors of the school early in the morning, as you look to the right, you might see the line for Levi’s Locker backed up with eager customers. One new aspect is the convenience of the location. Students realize this impact, as in previous years, the apparel store was located in the field house, making it sometimes difficult for students to access in the business of passing periods between classes.“Levi’s Locker is in a really convenient location, providing us with the resources needed throughout the day,” said Junior Autumn Smith.

Not only does Levi’s Locker provide spirit wear, but they provide breakfast, drinks, snacks, and trinkets. The apparel options are plentiful and there are many styles to choose from.

“The quality of the apparel is amazing and impressive with all the marketing and types of clothing being made,” said Senior Nicolas Thomas.

For those families that have been here for a while know that the previous store was called “The Hub.” Last year the student body voted on a new and improved name for the spirit store. In the running for the title was Lions Den and Roar Store, but in the end, Levi’s Locker prevailed.

Sophomore Katherine Ries said, “I like the name Levi’s Locker; it sounds more spirited.”

Levi’s Locker provides convenience and overall approval of the school. Students can have access anything they might need during the school day to make it a successful one.

“I love visiting and having a little bright spot during the day,” said Junior Amy Caerbert.