Alumni Focus – Chase & Berkeley Trammel


What year did you graduate from PCA?

Chase- I graduated in 2015

Berkley- I graduated from PCA in 2017


How did yall reconnect after leaving PCA?

Chase- We both went to Baylor and connected at one of my best friend’s weddings!


What is your favorite thing about Baylor University?

Chase- My favorite thing about Baylor is the community and friends we have made.

Berkeley- My favorite thing is definitely the friends! They are amazing!


Were y’all friends while at PCA?

Berkley- No. It is funny how we knew each other but never talked.


Did y’all have any classes together at Prestonwood?

Chase- No, I was two grades older and no electives matched up


What is one piece of dating advice you would give to Upper school students?

Chase- For guys…take initiative and be a man…girls don’t want to figure out where you are going to dinner or what the plans are.

Berkeley- Just be confident in who you are! It doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you are confident in yourself.