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The student news site of Prestonwood Christian Academy


The student news site of Prestonwood Christian Academy


The student news site of Prestonwood Christian Academy


“Let George Do It” Wows Audiences

The hard work and dedication put into “Let George Do It”.

Every year, the second grade puts on a production of Let George Do It for the first grade and the students’ parents and grandparents. The show was originally written by Mrs. Jennifer Young, a retired PCA Lower School music teacher. Mrs. Lauren Harder now teaches the students the songs, speaking parts, and hand motions, as well as organizing the production.

While the musical is centered around George Washington, King George III, played by Mr. Joel Rutherford, can not be forgotten with his iconic king costume and throne. Let George Do It provides a space for students to express their musical and speaking talents while sharing what they have learned about American History.

Second Grade Student Evelyn Bankston said, “I’m excited to do my speaking part and show off my knowledge.”

Other students are less focused on learning the facts and more centered on understanding how to perform.

Second Grade Student Lucas Layton said, “I’m excited to say my lines for my friends and family. It does not make me nervous at all.”

The show also teaches the importance of confidence in performing as well as a life skill to the developing students.

Second Grade Student Olivia Rhoda said, “I’m never nervous for performances, but really excited to sing in the girl’s part with all of my friends.”

Let George Do It, a long standing tradition at PCA. It allows the students to have fun while learning important knowledge and skills.

Between line rehearsals and learning the music, the kids get to have fun and laugh with each other. So much goes into this production that the viewers do not see, such as the long rehearsals and the teacher’s cooperation to rearrange their classroom schedule in order to accommodate for the time needed to put on a spectacular show.

This year, the second grade will perform the show on Friday, February 9, at 9 A.M. for everyone to see.

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