Spring Break Travels

Students Take Two Weeks Off To Recover From The Third Quarter


The third quarter here at Prestonwood has been known to be the hardest part of the school year. A lot of papers are due, tests are taken, and books are read. At the end of the third quarter, students have the opportunity to travel on a Minimester trip, serving domestically and internationally. Directly after the Minimester trip, Spring Break lasts for a week.

Some students are traveling while others prefer to stay home for the week. Here are a few takes from students on what they plan on doing.

Senior Ana Lewandowski said, “I am going to New York for spring break. I plan to explore the city and have fun with my family.”

Senior Emma Kate Mullican said, “I am planning on going to Tennessee to visit my family, see the beautiful mountains, and visit the University of Tennessee at Knoxville again!”

Sophomore Allie Swindell said, “I am going to Broken Bow, Oklahoma with some friends. I plan on enjoying the outdoors and resting.”

Senior Julia Shivers said, “I am going to the Cayman Islands for spring break. I plan on going to the beach with my family and enjoying the scenery.”

Whether students go out of town or not, spring break is a fantastic time to catch up on sleep, finish up school work for the quarter, and visit with family and friends. After break, students will return to campus in order to enjoy a final quarter for the school year.