Praying Together: See You at the Pole 2021

A morning filled with prayer and gathering together


Kara Pulejo

Students gather in circles to pray at See you at the Pole.

Every September 27th, students gather at the flagpole in the plaza to pray for their school, country, and the world. In Upper School, students lead their fellow student body in prayer. The Student Government is the group of students that guides their student body in prayer at See You at the Pole. It’s a great leadership experience for the Student Government as they get to lead their student body in prayer.

This event started in Burleson, Texas in 1990 with a group of teenagers that held a meeting to pray around a flagpole. On September 22, all Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students gather at different times to pray together with their student body. The Middle School students gathered by the flagpole near the Middle School in the morning before school. The Lower School students came to pray during their school day together. The Upper School students gather at the flagpole near the football field to pray. 

Sophomore Lili Alexander said, “I really enjoyed getting to personally pray with my classmates and forgetting daily distractions.” It’s a great break away from just going to school. Students enjoy being with their friends in prayer. 

The groups that the students form may even have people that they don’t know. It’s a great opportunity to get to know other people. Sophomore Peyton Glass said, “I think God showed me the powers of prayers of a group of like-minded believers.” All students enjoy the ability to be able to pray around a flagpole with friends. 

The theme title for this year’s See you at the Pole was Just Pray. The theme is very relevant for this year as all that people really need in hard times is prayer. See you at the pole is a great start to the year, and an amazing event for students to experience.