Junior Senior Banquet 2021

Juniors and Parents Spend a Night Honoring the Senior Class of 2021


Seniors attended the Junior Senior Banquet (JSB) with their parents at the Marriott Hotel in Legacy on April 1. The Junior class plans the event every year in order to honor the Senior class before they graduate. Seniors are presented with a character trait that they have portrayed throughout their time at PCA. The Juniors take turns handing the frame of a character trait to the Seniors one-by-one on stage. As the Junior class gives a frame to each and every Senior, they pay their respects to the upperclassmen in one final act of service before they graduate.

Senior Faith Miller shared her experience as a part of the graduating class that night and said, “JSB was such a nice event for the whole Senior class to come together and celebrate with each other. It also was a special time to celebrate the God-given character qualities He has given to each student and to recall precious memories of times spent with each other as a grade.”

At the end of the night, Mr. Rutherford and a handful of Seniors sang a song they wrote for the Senior class of 2021. Every year, Mr. Rutherford uses a popular song and writes lyrics that fit the theme to honor the Seniors. This year, the choir teachers used the melody of “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks and transformed it into the song into “Friends Who Are Graduating.” A few Seniors worked with Mr. Rutherford to record a music video to follow the new song, and the video was well received by the attendees that evening.

The Seniors were honored at JSB and they enjoyed the fact that they made an impact on their school because of their specific God-given gifts. Their influence was recognized that night and the Juniors realized the standards set up by the upperclassmen and stepped up as 2022’s Senior class.