No Date? No Problem!

How To Survive Valentine’s Day Without A Date


Valentine’s Day; the day that every person dreads. Without a significant other, how are you supposed to be able to enjoy this love filled day? Well, here are some fun and easy ways to celebrate.

Who said that Valentine’s Day has to be spent with a date? No one; and that is why Galentine’s is a great option for all you single girls out there. Go get out with your girlfriends! Enjoy a fancy dinner, have a spa day, do a gift exchange, take cute pictures, etc. Sophomore Kara Pulejo said, “This year I’m participating in Galentine’s Day with some of my girlfriends by going to dinner and having a spa night afterwards!” Valentine’s Day is meant for love, and not just romantic love; therefore, show your girls how much you appreciate them!

Now for the guys. I know Galentine’s may be a little bit too girly for you, which is why there is always the option of Malentine’s Day. This idea is very similar to Galentine’s, but without all the glitter and fluff. Have a singles party with all of your guy friends! Take your friends go-karting, have a cookout, have a movie marathon with amazing snacks, etc. Just because you are a guy, does not mean that you cannot have fun while being single on Valentine’s Day.

Do you want to spend Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends and your guy friends? If so, this option is for you. Take out the tape and streamers and throw a singles party! What is better than a bunch of your single friends laughing, mingling, and having a great time? Have a karaoke machine, play charades, compete in a dance-off, etc. Being together with friends always makes being single on Valentine’s Day more fun; and you never know, maybe you’ll meet your future crush at the party.

Are you more of a family person? Have a family game night! Dust off the board games and card games and have a friendly competition with your relatives. Make sure that dinner is provided at family game night; comfort foods will probably do the trick. Some of the games you can play are Uno, the Game of Life, Monopoly, Phase 10, Scrabble, etc. Give all the love that you have to your family while spending this affectionate day with them.

Does being in a big group of people scare you? No worries! You can always just spend the day treating yourself. Go to the store and get yourself a box of chocolates and a soft stuffed animal and curl up on the couch and enjoy your time alone. Binge watch a show on Netflix, come up with a new hairstyle, style yourself in something you would never wear outside the house, eat a whole pint of ice cream, etc. Sophomore Ava Caron said, “Since my boyfriend lives an hour away, I’m spending Valentine’s Day treating myself to things I normally do not have the time for.” Honestly, just do things that make you happy; after all, you don’t have to spend money on another person, so spend it on yourself!

Although Valentine’s Day is a day meant for love and affection, that does not mean that because you are single, you cannot have fun. From having Galentine’s or Malentine’s, to having a singles party, to family game night, to treating yourself, there are a ton of other things that you can do on Valentine’s while being single. Put away the tissues and have fun!