No Wrong Way to Ask

Four Clever Ways to Ask a Date to Homecoming


Photo Provided By Collin Mayo

Juniors Collin Mayo and Keely Sanders celebrate Homecoming with poster ask!

Whether you use poster boards, cute family pets, or play music, there is no wrong way to ask your date to Homecoming. Finding a way to ask your date to Homecoming can be stressful, but it is one of the most fun traditions at PCA. Whether you are going with a date or a group of friends, there is no wrong way to celebrate. Some students who choose to take a date like to get creative in the way that they ask them.

Freshman Tag O’Neal asked Freshman Lauren Lineberger this year. Tag said, “I’m most excited for my first year of Homecoming because I’ve never been before, and we are gonna look good in our suits.” He has been looking forward to the dance for some time.

Sophomore Luke Rumsey asked Sophomore Esther Chapman to the Homecoming dance. Luke said, “My mom showed me one of her friend’s sons’ ask, and I thought it was creative so I copied it.” The ask was extremely clever and fun; he used his dog for extra brownie points. Esther said, “I already knew he was asking me so I wasn’t that surprised, but I’m really excited to go with a new friend group to make some memories.”

Junior Collin Mayo asked Junior Keely Sanders to Homecoming. Collin said, “I came up with my idea because of an inside joke that she and I have. ” So he creatively added it in, which was a really smart idea.

Senior Wyatt Rhodes asked Senior Savie Hollingsworth to Homecoming. Wyatt said, “I’m going to miss my friends mostly and the bus rides.” Having a Senior Homecoming Coronavirus edition might not be ideal, but you can still have a positive outlook on it.

Now for the freshman or anyone who has never been to Homecoming, there may be some questions on what to do and how it all works. It doesn’t really matter if you have a date or not; sometimes going with a group can be more flexible and even less stressful. Senior Whitney Shore said, “Talk to the upperclassmen and see if they have dresses you can buy from them from past Homecomings! You may find a dress you love so much cheaper than a brand new one from the store.” The whole week of Homecoming is an enjoyable time, and being asked by your date in a creative way increases the anticipation for a memorable night.