Dribble, Shoot, Score!

Two great activities came together for one night: basketball and friendship.

Two great activities came together for one night: basketball and friendship. The crowd was electric for the entirety of one game and on this night, the entire fan section and players had one goal; to support our special friends from around the PCA community, including our sister St. Timothy Christian Academy. Even before St. Timothy students joined PCA this game became a yearly occurrence. On Thursday, January 24, 2019, energetic supporters packed the Field House ready to watch the Special Friends Basketball Game.

Seventh Grader Tag O’Neal played in this year’s Special Friends Game along with other Seventh Graders and students at St. Timothy. Tag said he was most looking forward to “playing basketball with them and having fun!” This game was a highlight for all the players and a time to interact with both schools while playing a sport everybody loves. Tag said the team practiced by “working hard” during the week and in preparation for each game. The Seventh Graders were ready to play this year, but for this game, winning was not the goal.

Junior Noah Sullivan is a St. Timothy student who puts a smile on everyone’s face that he encounters. He has played in the Special Friends Basketball Game for the past three years and looked forward to this year’s game. Noah said the most exciting part about the game was that “we get to have fun and watch the halftime show! Everyone is cheering for me and I feel loved!” He was a crowd favorite and all the students loved seeing each player on the court having so much fun. Noah said, “I love to shoot into the hoop! I am so tall!” Noah looks forward to this game every year and the PCA family enjoys watching him and all of his friends play the game that they love.

Senior Thomas Crouch has been to previous Special Friends Games and went this year as well. Thomas said “I really enjoy watching the happiness on the kids’ faces. The atmosphere is also very lively.” For the students, this game was a highlight of the year because it allowed them to take a break from their busy schedules and cheer on their friends. The fan section played an important role throughout the game and was tasked with keeping the crowd excited and cheering. Thomas said the students keep the crowd involved “by constantly cheering and standing up.” Thomas realized that being a participant helps make this game a highlight of the year.

The Special Friends Basketball Game is a time for players and students to participate in something they love. Whether it’s through actually playing the game of basketball or simply cheering their heart out, people are electric for a full game. Everyone there had the same goal of making this game one to remember.