Meet the Player – Isaac Immanuel

Meeting the Player, Isaac Immanuel Seventh Grade

Meet the Player - Isaac Immanuel

What age were you when you started this sport?
I started playing football at the age of 13.
How many hours a week do you practice?
During the week, I practice about 10 hours.
Name one thing you are working to improve right now?
One thing I am trying to improve is learning how to run better routes
Pre-game ritual?
No, I do not have a pre-game ritual.
What’s something you need to do for a meet/game?
Something that I do for a meet/game is pray after every game.
How would your teammates describe you?
My teammates would describe me as funny.
Who is your role model, and why?
My role model is OBJ because he went to LSU and he is a wide receiver.
What is the hardest thing about your sport?
The hardest part about my sport is the conditioning
Name something that stresses you out?
Something that stresses me out is not getting a completion
Name a recent accomplishment you are proud of, and why?
A recent accomplishment is getting an interception against another team because it was his first time getting one.
Before I graduate, I want to ________, and why?
Before I graduate I want to win a state championship, because I’d love to accomplish that with my friends.
Name one thing about yourself that most people don’t know?
One thing about myself is that I like basketball and soccer despite playing football.