Senior, Lauren Meece, played the role of Anna Maria. In the opening scene of the play, Lauren introduced the setting of modern times. Overall the fall musical Godspell was enticing and had a great story line.

20/20: Godspell

November 5, 2019

Before the crazy arrival of the underclassmen, Director of Worldview, Mr. Dan Panetti gave a devotional to the Seniors. Focusing on God’s creation was very easy to do with the view of the Sky Lake in the background.

20/20: Sky Ranch Retreat

September 9, 2019

March Calendar

March Calendar

March 5, 2019

February Calendar

February Calendar

February 11, 2019

Isabelle Simpson (11) and Emma Stephens (10) greet excited Lower School students at the Homecoming Parade.

20/20: HOCO 2018

October 26, 2018

PCA Administrators and parents visited other schools that used Sage Dining last year and surveyed the students about their experience. Surveyed students agreed that the lunch program was exceptional and it was an encouraging opinion in making the decision to change the lunch program here at PCA.  PCA Senior Matthew O’Reilly says that the food program has “drastically changed the environment of the lunchroom.”

Welcome Sage Dining!

September 20, 2018