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  • May 4th and 5th: Track State Meet
  • May 7th: Baseball 1st Play-off Game vs. TCA
  • May 8th: Softball 2nd Play-off Game vs. Antonian Catholic College Prep
  • May 6th-10th: AP Testing and Senior Finals
  • May 13th-17th: Finals
  • Graduation is Friday, May 17th
  • May 20th: Memorial Day Holiday
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JSB Character Traits

Everything about JSB Quality Traits for Seniors
JSB Character Traits

Junior Senior Banquet is a special PCA tradition. JSB honors our Seniors before they leave PCA.

The Juniors, along with the rest of the school, will miss the Seniors, but the Juniors are excited to show their appreciation for the class of 2023. The Juniors get to present the Seniors with the quality trait that has stood out the most during their time at PCA. A Junior will hand the Senior a framed character trait that best describes them. The quality traits can be anything a Senior has shown the most. On the character trait paper will be a further explanation of the quality. Seniors will be recognized for their kindness, honesty, bravery, etc.

“Each senior is honored with their character quality that has been prayerfully selected for them,” said Upper School Principal’s Assistant Kristina Holden.

The Seniors get to feel the juniors’ appreciation for their special God given personality traits. Senior Haley Armstrong is especially excited for her quality trait.

“ I can’t wait to see what quality trait I will receive!” said Haley.

JSB is special because it shows the Seniors how much they have positively impacted PCA with their personalities. JSB is a time where we can love on the seniors and show them how much they mean to us.

PCA online students get character qualities too. A special JSB for the PCA online students is held a week after the in person seniors.

The purpose of JSB is for each senior to be honored with the character qualities given to them by God. While watching JSB it is clear to see everyone’s unique personalities shine.

“I love seeing how everybody has different giftings” said Admissions Associate Kathi Wagnon.

JSB is a special event geared towards honoring our seniors’ special qualities. You won’t want to miss it!