Addition to the Mission

Sharing How Lower school Students Are Involved in Minimester Throughout The Years.


Minimester is a time for all ranges of travel and service opportunities for students to learn what a true leadership role is and a way to truly make disciples of all nations even at a young age.

One of PCA’s many great traditions, Minimester, includes students traveling worldwide on missions to share the love of Christ. Though Minimester is only available for middle through high school students, lower school students have found a kind way to participate in the week as well.

The lower school students and classes are all coordinated to one Minimester trip, whether that’s local or international, to provide the needed supplies for a given trip.

Upper School Receptionist, Mrs. Julie Pyle said, “I love how the younger students have a chance to be a part of Minimester and get excited for their future trips that they will be able to go on.”

Whether you are in the country or not, everyone has an influential role to play in the work of helping others and being ambassadors of Christ.

Senior Ana Lewondowski said, “My favorite part of Minimester is going out into different places all over the world, seeing new cultures, and getting the opportunity to spread the Gospel at the same time. It is so thoughtful that the lower school students gather supplies for us so that we can have the very best time on our trip.”

The most impactful part of Minimester is going to places that are in desperate need of the love of Jesus and need a sense of hope and care from others. The Lower School students do an amazing job of putting in their part, playing a role, and serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. Even if that means just donating supplies to help those in need.

Minimester could not be possible without the support, generosity, and love from the Lower School and for that we are very grateful.