Packing for Minimester

Prepping for the Great Commission


Knowing what to bring on your minimester trip can be stressful. You do not want to overpack, but you also do not want to take the risk of underpacking.

The packing list will differ depending on the type of climate your trip will be in. For example, the things a student will pack on the colorado trip will look very different from a student going on the Costa Rica trip.

Warm weather trips should include clothes like shorts, tshirts, possibly sunglasses, etc. However it is still important to respect the dress code while you’re on minimester. Cold weather trips require warmer wear like coats, leggings, gloves, etc.

The most important item one can bring on minimester is your bible. The whole goal of minimester is to spread the gospel and the bible is the ultimate source of information to bring people to Jesus. It is also recommended that you bring a journal and pens to write down any experiences, or possibly notes like conversation starters or your testimony.