A Weekend for Christ

A Prestonwood tradition, a weekend for Christ


Freedom Weekend is a time set aside to be intentional, to allow students to really examine our relationship with Jesus, and to experience worship, community and real connection as we invite, include, and come alongside others and share life-changing encounters with Jesus with friends and family.

This event is a popular one here at PCA and allows students to come together and experience the love of the Lord. Many people have come and given their life to the Lord during Freedom Weekend; it is a popular event that is favored within the community of the Church and the school.

Junior Christian Askil says, “I enjoy freedom weekend because it allows me to grow in my relationship with the Lord and enjoy his word with my friends.”

Many have left freedom weekend with many new memories and life changing moments. This is a great event for those who just want to get closer with God and really dive into his word. It’s a great experience for worshiping and leaving it all on the table for God and just allowing yourself to enjoy the church family at Prestonwood. Also, this allows students to build a bond with their student ministry leaders so that they can have someone to lean on when needed.

Junior Sherina Mckinley says, “I think freedom weekend is a great event, and I highly recommend everyone to go and invite friends who may not be as close with God. It’s a life changing experience, and I do not regret going.”

Going to Freedom has allowed many students to find their calling through God. It has also impacted some so much they became ministry leaders for PCA and other churches around the world. Freedom Weekend is a great way to grow your faith with God and grow as a person.

Junior Alexis Wilson says, “Going to Freedom has allowed me to be more included in my church and the church here at PCA. I am so glad I was able to go and think it was a life changing event for me.”

Freedom Weekend is a huge event here at PCA and allows students to grow in their faith and with their peers. This is a highly recommended event that everyone should attend.