The Tee about Golf

A Little Bit About the Golf Team

Fall sports is the much anticipated opening to the school year. Getting to cheer on the different sports rallies the student body together, and gets the school spirit started. Every year, there are more people who want to join the boys golf team.

One of the newest players, Junior Luke Sheedy said “I decided to join the golf team this year because I always play golf with my friends and family and I decided I wanted to take it to a more competitive level.”

Playing for the school is a great opportunity to get better at golf and build relationships.

Prestonwood’s sports teams all have one thing in common, and that is the family element to it. Senior Troop O’Neal said, “The environment of the golf team is light-hearted, yet we all encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves, and treat each other like brothers.”
Having a family environment outside of school is an amazing experience, and something unique to the Prestonwood atmosphere.

The Boys Golf team is currently 2-0! The best way to support our golf team, says, “is to show up at our upcoming tournament on November 14, or reposting our tournament updates from @pca_athletics on Instagram!” Supporting the Boys Golf team during their tournament can make a huge difference, so make sure to show up and show out.

If you are interested in joining our Boys Golf team, Senior Michael Constant says, “it’s important to know that we practice about 4-5 times a week chipping, putting, irons, and drivers; if you are looking to train, yet have fun, join the golf team!” Although it is hard work, it pays off in the end, you will get the satisfaction of being a part of a winning team, and learn to meet some of your best friends.