Jet Setting Away for Thanksgiving Break

Students share their unique travel destinations for Thanksgiving Break.


Thanksgiving is traditionally known for its big family gatherings, but some use this week for a getaway. The idea of cooking and baking while in an exciting destination sounds even better. A week of no school calls for a break from reality.

We asked a few students their vacation choice, whether that is a tropical beach escape, autumn in another country, or an early glimpse of winter in the mountains.

While some prefer to stay home and participate in local activities, others travel away from home to get that Thanksgiving break “feel” in a different way. Although the classic Thanksgiving tradition is in New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, students are choosing alternative destinations.

The turquoise waters, white-colored sand, luxury resorts, and yummy restaurants make for a perfect excursion for Thanksgiving break. The Cayman Islands is a hot spot this year.

Junior Lauren Burnett said, “I love everything about traveling to the Caymans for Thanksgiving break. My family loves to swim with the dolphins, jump in the waves, get a tan, and go somewhere nearby for a thanksgiving dinner.”

For some, after the long and hot summer in Texas, students are ready for a wintry type of vacation. It’s officially the best time of the year to hit the ski slopes. The cold weather seems to be a top pick for Thanksgiving break this year.

Junior Sofia Little said, “I am very excited to travel to Utah for break. It will be nice to get away from home and head to the cold weather.”

However, nothing is better than traveling out of the country as a way to truly get away from reality.

Junior Mikala Young said, I am traveling to Cabo for my Thanksgiving Break. It is one of my family’s favorite vacations. We look forward to lying by the ocean, swimming in the pool, eating the best Mexican food, and enjoying everything Cabo has to offer.”

Whether you are swimming in the bright blue waters, renting a cabin in the mountains, or traveling abroad there is always somewhere for everyone to take a break. Students are looking forward to jet set away from home, while still achieving that traditional Thanksgiving charm.