Sweat and Sacrifice

Football’s drive to State


Hard work and dedication pays off! Football has been working hard all year to prepare for their road to state! From having extra practices to studying more scout reports, they hope to get rings this year. Also, as it is coach Donnie Yatis’ first year, his team and players hope to have a successful season.

Winning state is a huge accomplishment and something Prestonwood football hopes to do for a sixth time.

Junior Nathan Lapari said, “To prepare we have been conditioning more, having longer practices, and putting in a lot more effort on the field, and it is nice to have an end goal in mind to work towards.”

All players and coaches are super dedicated and are putting in a lot of hard work for this goal. For Example, they have been putting extra time and thought into the game prep in to this season.

The team has faced some challenges preparing for state.

Senior Cade Frank said, “our biggest challenge this season is staying consistent and continuing to believe in ourselves.”

After their first game loss, they bounced back quickly and have been undefeated since their disappointing loss to Liberty Christian School.

To perform their best, everyone has their own “pre game rituals”.

Senior Ben Moore said, “my pre game ritual is to eat a good meal, listen to hype music, and pray for protection during the game.”

The pre-game rituals can make or break a game for some players.

The road to state looks different from every position. As an athletic trainer they have different responsibilities than the players and coaches.

Athletic trainer Asa Miller said, “our main role is to protect the players. This looks like stretching them, making sure they are hydrated, and taping them before games.”
Their role is crucial in making sure the team stays healthy and at their best!