Twin Talk

What it is Really Like to be a Twin

Twins are not something that you see everyday. It’s cool to see identical twins but even cooler to see fraternal twins. There are at least 6 sets of twins in the upper school that are either fraternal or identical. Identical twins are alike in all genetic characteristics and have similar appearances. Fraternal twins are genetically distinct and not similar in appearance than other siblings.

Twins start interacting in the womb at 14 weeks. This might be the reason why twins are so close as they grow older.

Freshman twins Juliana and Isabela Delgado say, “Having a twin is fun because you have someone that is like you and you’re always around them and you never feel alone.”

Although, being a twin may come with getting mixed up with your sibling.

Eighth Grade twins Nyla and Naomi Livings say, “We get mixed up all the time especially because we are the same height.”

Even though they are fraternal twins, people still get them confused.

Naomi says, “I wear glasses and have longer eyelashes, and Nyla has a longer face and she wears more jewelry.” Not only can people not tell fraternal twins apart they also can’t tell identical twins apart. Sophomore twins Numi and Nami Adenle say they get mixed up all the time because it is really hard to tell them apart due to how alike they look.

Nami says, “I have gotten called Numi at least 10 times today.”

It’s also possible to have fraternal boy and girl twins. Sixth Grade twins Addison and Tyler Eagle are fraternal boy and girl twins.

Tyler says, “The only difference between us is that she is a girl and I am a boy and she is taller than me.”

This just goes to show that twins can come in different sizes, personalities, and forms.

“At the end of the day, being a twin is something special,” Nami says.

Having a twin is like having a built-in best friend. It’s different from a regular sibling bond. Twins can relate to more things and go through a similar experience as they grow older with each other. Although there is a 3.2 percent chance of having twins in the United States, twins are a special part of life. With twins comes double the love and having a uniqueness to your relationship.