Walking into the Winter Sports Season

A Great Start to the Winter


As the end of the fall sports season comes around, it comes time to start up the winter sports. This means the beginning of basketball, soccer, and swimming. Many teams start the preparation in the summer and during the fall season, so that they can be ready for the winter season. The road to state starts now.

Playing on a sports team in high school can help build friendships and strengthen leadership skills. This is a huge reason as to why people like to play sports in high school.

Senior Varsity Girls Soccer Captain Brooklyn Brothers says, “I enjoy getting to grow as a team and experience a year with the new freshman. Being on a team with people of all grades enables you to grow a bond with people that you might not have a class with. Having that bond also helps the team work better on the field.”

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball player Autumn Smith says, “I look forward to team bonding and creating new friendships through basketball and getting to know more people.”

With a new season comes a clean slate. It’s time to try new things and start things over, and new seasons come with lots of excitement.

Brooklyn says, “I am excited because we have a new program and I am excited to see how we do in comparison to previous years.”

A new season creates memories for many people.

Autumn says, “I’m excited to see how the season goes and to make this year memorable, I want to get far in the playoffs and possibly win state, while giving the seniors an amazing last season.”

As an athlete, there should always be a goal that you want to achieve. It can be something little or small.

Sophomore Varsity Boys Basketball Player Bryceson Melvin said, “My goal is to win state.”

There are also more personal goals that pertain to you.

Brooklyn says, “My goal for this season is to score more goals than I did last year and to also stay healthy and play a whole season.”

The end of the fall season is just the beginning of the winter season. Filled with lots of excitement and goals to reach, whether it’s earning scholarships or just playing to have fun and make more friends it’s a wonderful feeling that is happening.