Avoiding Boredom on Days Off

Students share their ways to avoid boredom on their days off.


Here we go! Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and Spring break are quickly upon us. This means a time to relax and refresh before the upcoming school days. While relaxing and getting refreshed is great, being productive and channeling new goals or hobbies is even better. You can still have the perfect break and be prepared for the busy season ahead.

The best way to avoid boredom is to stay busy. The key is to find things that keep you entertained and distracted from wanting to sleep all day. This can be by finding a new hobby to invest in, get a job, read a book, bake, organize your house, learn a new skill, paint, get active, etc.

Junior Claire Moye said, “My favorite thing to do on my days off is ride my horse. It is something I love doing all the time and keeps me busy during break.”

Staying productive while still enjoying all your favorite activities makes break so enjoyable.

Junior Sydney Sexton said, “My favorite thing to do on my days off is go buy flowers at the grocery store, or bake a new sweet treat. I stay productive by getting up early and going on a walk each morning.”

One of the best ways to better yourself on break is by partaking in some sort of physical activity or exercise. There are many different places to get a quick workout whether that’s at the gym, outdoors, or a fun class like Pilates or yoga.

Junior Ayden Snell said, “I love going to the weight room to lift each day, it is something I try to do consistently to get stronger.”

What you choose to do on your days off is truly what you make it. Enjoy your break and days off, sleep in, try something new, and get things done!