Jaxson Taylor: Never Too Young To Care

Jaxson Taylor details his journey to start his own charity

Jaxson Taylor: Never Too Young To Care

PCA’s diverse environment often includes all types of people with all different types of interests. However, one PCA Lion has a heart for philanthropy, and is taking action with his calling. Sophomore Jaxson Turner started his own charity, Never Too Young To Care (N2Y2C for short), when he was ten years old.

“My mom asked what I wanted to do for my eleventh birthday party, and I told her I wanted to gather my community together to feed the homeless a hot Easter meal much like the Easter meal I always got; so they could have a good Easter experience.” said Jaxson.

Shortly after this, Jaxson started N2Y2C, and has been running it ever since. N2Y2C has four main functions. In May, they collect items for domestic violence victims and help spread awareness. In July, they sell lemonade to raise money for backpacks, school supplies, and haircuts for underprivileged students. And at Christmas time, they host Christmas events for homeless children, providing them with new shoes, socks, coats, presents, a hot meal, and a fun Christmas party.

The last event is the most special. Jaxson still rallies his community to hand out a hot meal every Easter, like he did when he first started his charity. Feeding the homeless a hot Easter meal like the ones he gets at home is still Jaxson’s passion, and something he loves doing.

“My favorite part of running N2Y2C is working with the homeless families and hearing so many different stories. I also love seeing all the smiles after helping people.” said Jaxson.

As for the future, Jaxson plans to keep it going for as long as possible. He also hopes to one day become the president of the USA, and use his platform to help more homeless people across the country. Overall, Jaxson just serves as a reminder to us all that we’re never too young to care about others in our community.