Welcoming Our New Faculty

Jackie Dominguez takes us to meet the new faculty around the school.


As the new school year begins, PCA says hello to several new faces, some of which are new faculty members. As PCA expands, it needs more teachers to accommodate the many new students. Each new teacher comes with their own unique backstory and personality, and it’s important that we fully welcome them and get to know them.

Mrs. J’Aime Balogh worked at PCA back in 2003 as a Lower School teacher, and is welcomed home as the new Upper School English teacher. She’s super excited for a fresh start in the Upper School, and is ready for the new challenges and traditions that come with the Upper School. Her favorite part about PCA so far is her department, because they are always so willing to welcome and help.

Mrs. Balogh said, “I’m most looking forward to Minimester, as I never got to go because I was a Lower School teacher.”

Mr. Mick Miller, the new chemistry teacher, is also making a return to private school. He taught in public school but wanted to return to a Christian school since he went to one growing up and understands the impact it makes on young lives. He said “I’m most looking forward to homecoming, because I want to see if it lives up to the hype.”

His first impression of PCA was in his interview with Dr. Nichols and Dr. Steen, and he was really impressed with their emphasis on family. The focus of PCA on its students and growth is a key aspect of the school. Mr. Miller said, “the focus on students growing not just as scholars but also as people is wonderful.”

Mr. Travis Quin is the new Bible teacher, and teaches Christianity 101. He said, “the main factor that attracted me to PCA was my love of the Bible and my students. PCA gave me the opportunity to combine these passions.” Joining PCA, Mr. Quin is able to experience the PCA culture.

“Working with my new department is refreshing, and I’m looking forward to attending Friday Night Football games,” said Mr. Quin

Each department is growing and getting better every year. These new teachers are helping to make PCA a better place each and every day. Let’s be thankful for the new faculty and staff God has brought, and make sure we make them feel appreciated.