Welcome Aboard!

Incoming New Students Talk About Their School Year


The start of a new school year brought many new students to PCA. This change means they need to adapt and get used to the new school. There are many aspects of this process including the work load, the sports, and meeting new friends that takes adjusting.

Junior Chris Patterson said, “Adjusting to PCA has been good, the teachers and students are all super nice and my relationship with God has gotten way stronger. The change from an all boys private school to a co-ed school has been a fun change and a great decision.”

PCA Athletics brings new friendships and team bonding. Junior Kessler Woolley said, “Volleyball has been so fun. I met people through volleyball in the summer and it was nice to know a familiar face on the first day of school.” Sports are a great avenue of meeting new people. Many new students get involved in sports and enjoy team bonding and getting to know their teammates.

Coming to a new school also means workload changes. The rigor and college-ready mentality that students pursue at PCA is unmatched. Senior Garrett Falls said, “The workload is a lot more compared to when I was homeschooled, but I am getting it done and I enjoy the social aspect of coming to school.”

PCA also has unique traditions which new students are now learning about. Senior Ryan Rhea said, “My favorite thing we have done so far has been the senior retreat, it was a fun way to meet others and bond with your whole grade.”

The teachers, staff and students All students and teachers strive to be open and reach out to the new students to make them feel welcome.

“When I was new my Freshman year my Biology teacher and Advisor Mrs. Melody Gravett made me feel really welcome and loved,” said Junior Donya Kinley.

Overall, new students seem to be acclimating well to their environment, adding their own touches to PCA through athletics, academics, and more. Creating a diverse student body while also gaining new talent is always welcome in PCA, and teachers and administration alike strive to help in anyway they can.