A Heart for Serving

The Impact of Manna Monday


There are many ways to serve at Prestonwood Christian Academy. Upper and middle school students participate in Minimester, North Texas giving day, and many more. However, Lower School students serve in their own way.

All Lower school students in Pre-K through Fourth Grade participate in Manna Mondays, where students collect items such as boxes and canned food to give to our upper school students as they go off on their mission trips all around the world. These items go towards people who are in need.

As the oldest of the Lower school, the fourth graders stand outside the Lower School during carpool and collect all the items that the students bring in.

Lower School Teacher Kim Jones said, “The Fourth graders love it because they are the oldest in the Lower school and they like to set an example to the younger students.”

Manna Monday leaves a lasting impression on students that go through Highschool at PCA. They remember setting an example for the younger students and getting a glimpse of how fortunate they are. This form of leadership gets them ready for middle school where they have to start that leadership role all over again.

Freshman Hayden Fox said, “I remember holding up the signs for certain foods, and serving people who are less fortunate that we are and it opened up my eyes to see how fortunate we are.”

Manna Monday shows how grateful people should be for what they have. This is helping students take a step back and realize how fortunate they are and it helps them develop a strong heart.