Student Internships Prepare Students for Tomorrow

Students Involved in Internships Talk About Their Roles and Experience They Have Gained.


Internships in Upper School are a great way to learn more about a certain role, subject, or profession. Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to shadow a previous teacher, volunteer in the church, or with approval, intern at a job and help them for the class period. This is the perfect way to see if you would be interested in a particular area for the future.

For example, interning in the Guidance office is a great opportunity for those that enjoy helping other students. There are many different reasons why students enjoy their internship.

Junior Bradie Boswell said, “I enjoy my internship because Mrs. Beckles, Mrs. Considine, Mrs. Carroll, and Mrs. Addis has taught me how to use Canva to make templates and design instagram posts, and I’ve grown a better relationship with the Guidance Office.”

A big part of interning for the Guidance Office is also having their own office. Bradie said, “My favorite part about having my own office is being able to have my own private space to work and visit with friends.”

A benefit of participating in an internship program is being able to experience a future profession or major with your own eyes. It is most common for Junior and Senior students to sign up for an internship based on what they may want to major in.

Senior Bennett Seal said, “I’m interning at the missions building because that will help prepare me for ministry after highschool and college.”

One of the biggest blessings in going to a Christian Academy is being able to experience real life ministry and getting to see it first hand. You do not always have to intern with someone you already know, or have a connection with; the beauty of interning, Bennet Seal says, is “getting to spend time getting to know a new mentor and I can get a lot out of the experience.”

There are different tasks that an intern is faced with due to whom they choose to work with.

Junior Caitlyn Childers, an intern for Upper School Science Teacher Mrs. Lumley said, “I clean her classroom, I help answer questions, and cut and copy papers for her classes. This helps her because it is one less thing she has to do.”

Each teacher has a lot on their plate, so being able to help them in any way is extremely helpful.

Besides just being helpful, the benefits of internship extend beyond just helping teachers, building bonds between students and teachers, while also letting students grow in their experience and knowledge, thereby preparing them for the future.