Extended Day Aftercare

The Family that Plays Together Stays Together


A defining trait of PCA is how everyone feels like family, from three-year-olds going to school for the first time to seniors about to walk the stage. Lower School can often feel separate from the rest of the school since it’s situated in a separate building. Upper School students can connect with younger students in Lower School by working in extended care as student workers. Upper School students can work after school in the Lower School and watch after their fellow Lower School Lions.

Student workers spend a few hours each day after school working, often developing close friendships with their coworkers. Extended Care Receptionist Ms. Krisha Malone said “I completely enjoy working with the Upper School student workers. I love getting to know them and learning more about them as people.” Ms. Malone, or “Ms. Kris” to all the students, adores her extended care students.

“There’s never a dull moment because they always say the funniest stuff,” said Ms.Malone. The students often say the strangest things, blurting out whatever comes to mind regardless of who’s listening.

Working in Extended Day helps build relationships and trust between student workers and the little Lions. Junior Carolina Casusol has been working with the four-year-olds for three weeks, and is a familiar and anxiously awaited face every day. Student workers often become a fan favorite among the Lower School students, who often greet them with shouts, hugs, and requests to play. Most Lower School students don’t even see the student workers as teachers, but as friends who come to play every day. “My favorite part of working in extended care is building friendships with all the kids and seeing them get so excited when I go to work every day.” says Carolina.

Not only are students beloved by the kids, they’re crucial to the Extended Day program. Being a student worker entails a number of responsibilities that always keeps students busy. Student workers play with the kids, help with homework, help pass out snacks, refill water bottles, and clean up after the kids go home.

“The younger students love it when the ‘big kids’ come and play with them. They relate to the student workers in ways that they never could with their adult Extended Day leader. The student leader has the opportunity to advise, be a safe friend, and share their experiences with the younger students. They may never realize how they have influenced, advised, loved on, or just been a friend when needed. I can’t say enough about how important they are to the success of our program.” said Jodi Snell, Extended Day Coordinator.

Extended Day is more than just a place to wait for Mom and Dad to pick you up. It’s become a safe place for everyone to come together and play, but it’s also the family you never knew you needed.