The Connection Between Build-A-Bear and God

Love that is expressed in the form of a Build-A-Bear


When you think of “Build-a-Bear,” you think of all the preparation it takes to get the bear that you want. Picking out a physically stuffed heart, kissing the heart, and putting the heart in the bear. This expression of love helps represent the love people have for God.

Prestonwood Christian Academy is filled with many traditions, one of which is the Lower School Build-a-Bear day. This year Kindergarten students take part in virtually creating Build-a-Bear stuffed animals.

Each year the students make a connection between the bear and the Biblical names. The students get to name their own bear and each name has a meaning. The bears already come pre stuffed, but the students get to dress them and give them the accessories that they want. They get to name and take home their bear, each teacher gets a classroom bear, Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Jeanna Soper explains that they named their class bear, PCA Lion.

Mrs. Soper said, “These bears are something that Pre-K class look forward to when they go to Kindergarten.” Many students know this to be a very popular tradition and often look forward to it, or are able to reflect on the amazing time they had doing it.

The main importance of these bears is the connection it has to God. Mrs. Soper said, “The names of these bears are important to God, and if it’s important to God then it’s important to us.”

This event is a key part about this school. Many students that have been here since the age of three have amazing memories about this day. When asked about this event, Junior Mimo Olowu said, “I was left with a forever memory and physical reminder that had a lasting impact.”

Lots of students still keep their bears. Mimo said, “We all went through the process together and learned how to make it, picking out and putting the heart inside was really fun, and I still have the bear on my bed.”

This goes to show the lasting impact that formulating a bear in kindergarten has on the students that grow up at PCA. Students are able to get a glimpse of the importance of Biblical names.