HoCo Let’s Go Go!

A Freshman’s Guide to Homecoming


Nerves and excitement build as Homecoming week quickly approaches. As a Homecoming rookie it can be intimidating with all the activities and traditions this week holds. Whether you are a freshman or a new student, this list has some handy tips that will help you get the most out of this exciting time.

Sunday, Oct. 2: Hallway decorating

Get creative and come help out because Homecoming week starts early. Be a part of creating spirit throughout the whole school by decorating the hallways with designated themes. As a part of Student government, Senior Brooklyn Brothers is behind the scenes of the festivities that makes Homecoming so special.

“When everyone comes to hallway decorating, it makes it more fun and gives a better representation of the grade as a whole while building class unity away from school,” said Brooklyn.

Monday, Oct.3- Thursday, Oct. 6:Spirit days

GO ALL OUT! The more creative the better. Make sure to do your research and plan out your outfits beforehand, as this will help you not be stressed during the actual week of Homecoming. Coordinating outfits with friends is another fun way to get everyone involved and make memories with your classmates. Senior Ana Lewandowski loves being as extravagant as she can with her outfits.

“My favorite part of Homecoming week is being able to show my personality through my outfits. No one is too cool for dress up days,” said Ana.

Friday, Oct. 7: Parade and pep rally

It’s time to get hype! The Homecoming parade has an endless array of floats. Each grade and sport get the opportunity to decorate their own float. Senior Caden Scott, has fond memories of when he helped decorate the float for the Junior class in 2021.

“Decorating the float is a great way to get in the spirit of Homecoming week and allows you to build stronger relationships with your classmates,” said Caden.

The parade is a great way to involve the lower school and get everyone excited for the big game that night. The pep rally is full of excitement as the SGA, homecoming court, Spirit Cheer team, and Pom wow the crowd.

Junior Cara Henry said, “The pep rally gets everyone excited! As a cheerleader it’s cool to see the school come together to watch us perform.”

Friday Oct. 7: Homecoming Football Game Lions vs. Trinity Christian Academy Trojans

From the parade to the pep rally all the school spirit will shine this night: the Homecoming football game! This night puts an emphasis on all the decorating, dressing up, and school spirit. If your hands are not red and your throats are not sore, you are not cheering loud enough.

Senior Varsity Quarterback Maguire Martin said, “When the crowd is hyped and loud it gets me pumped to play. It encourages the whole team when we hear our classmates and teachers cheering for us.”

Saturday, Oct. 8: Homecoming Dance

The day we have all been waiting for: The Dance! When it comes to the dance, do not stress about getting a date, the color of your dress, or what group you are going in. At the end of the day none of that really matters. The dance is supposed to be fun and allow you to create memories with your classmates. With that said, GO TO THE DANCE! Do not be too cool to go to the dance, get on the dance floor and show us your best moves.

Junior Justin Rodriguez said, “Going to the dance is super fun because you are able to make new friends and memories and enjoy the night with your classmates.” The dance is what you make it so enjoy the night and make the dance the best part of Homecoming week!

Enjoy it! Homecoming is a memorable time and a highlight of the fall. With all the festivities Homecoming week brings, remember to take a step back and have fun! From the advice of people who have been there, don’t stress. Make the most of the week and remember to take lots of pictures.