Mum and Garter: A How To

Mum and Garter, A Basic Starter!


October brings many traditions and festivities, the most exciting of which is Homecoming. Students and faculty look forward to this fun and chaotic time every year. One of everyone’s favorite parts regarding homecoming is the mum and garter exchange.

Though mums and garters are confusing for first time homecoming attendants, Upper School Receptionist Julie Pyle gives details regarding how to go about this new experience. “You will order it from the mum shop, you can order it either online or go in to the shop. The orders will close one week before homecoming, and you will pick it up at the upper school receptionist desk. Also, samples are located in the upper school atrium for you to get ideas”. For freshmen and any student’s first Homecoming, it can be extremely confusing and stressful. Teachers and students with experience are always there to assist you with any questions.

Mum and Garter is a long time Texas tradition. It shows affection between the boy and the girl. Sophomore Ayden Beville said, “I love how unique the mum and garters are, and that it is only a thing for Texas students.” The exchange of mum and garters between dates holds long lasting memories that will forever be cherished.

Students always look forward to customizing them for their dates. Junior Colson Reeves said, “You make it fun for them and put stuff they enjoy on it including the sports they play, the clubs they are involved in, and fun ribbons and gadgets.” Students always think it is so fun to see what your date puts on your mum or garter and personalized it to just you. Colson also mentioned, “it is a special experience and you know no one else has the same mum or garter as you.” Every Upper School student thinks it is so fun to see the other person’s reaction when you give it to them.

Overall mum and garter is such a fun experience and something everyone enjoys. The tradition is so enjoyable and a special touch for Texans.