The Road to Reward

Varsity Volleyball players tell us about the difficult, yet exciting journey in the Road to State.


The 2022-23 PCA Volleyball team has worked hard on their road to winning the State Championship this season. These lions are busy giving it their all with multiple early morning/afternoon practices, tournaments, and games, looking forward to taking home the gold in November.

The team is stacked with amazing coaches and talented players. When asked about the beginning of the season for the girls, Junior Mikala Young said, “The beginning of the season was a reflection of the hard work we put in last season continuing into this current one. We ended up finishing second in the most competitive tournament in Texas which showed me that we can compete at the highest level as a private school. My teammates and I are working hard to win state, and I can’t wait to compete alongside my best friends.”

The way people handle tough challenges throughout the season usually makes for the most determined players. Junior Camille Edwards said, “My biggest challenge has been getting used to playing with more talent than we have had in the past. It is much more serious because colleges are watching, but has also challenged me as a player to become more mentally tough for high level matches.”

This year, the team has increased in so much talent in every single position like never before. New rotations, skills, and players create an amazing team. It forces each person to work hard to be the very best each game. The determination in this team is unmatched.

The players have bonded and formed unity throughout the season which will help them win State. When not on the court; the team enjoys praying, going to dinner, getting ready, and jamming out to their pre-game playlist together before games.

The Road to State requires preparation and teamwork.

Junior Nicole Foster said, “We’ve played in several tournaments and battled against some of the best teams in the state. It is challenging, but we are practicing everyday as Coach Mitchell is preparing us well for our district play. Our goal is to win the district games and make a playoff run all the way to the state championship. I am excited to be a part of this powerhouse team that has the potential to do something very special this season.”

Even though the road can be rocky, the goal is the trophy. November 12th will be here before we know it and we can’t wait to see their hard work be rewarded when they take State. Let’s go Lions!