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Middle School and High School Science Olympiad teams go to State for the first time since 2019


Wendy Blaine

Sophomore Aralia Host and Senior Austin Blaine compete in the Bridge competition at State.

On April 21-23, both Middle school and High School Science Olympiad teams went to the Texas A&M campus for the state Science Olympiad competition. Every single 2022 Science Olympiad event is at the state competition. Not only did they bring thirty team members, but the coaches also brought a few alternates for the teams. The Science Olympiad coaches for this year are Upper School Science Teacher Mrs. Wendy Blaine and Middle School Science Teacher Mr. Jesse Todd. 

This was Mr. Todd’s very first state Science Olympiad competition. Many other competitors have never been as well. Not only was this the competition of firsts for many people, but it is also a competition of lasts for some people as well. Three Seniors will be going to State this year, and for some, it will be their first and even their last competition. For the eighth-grade students who have gone virtually to State before, it will also be their last Middle School Science Olympiad state competition. Sophomore Araila Host, who will be going to state for her second time said, “I think my favorite memory was getting closer to a lot of my friends and I’m looking forward to competing with the same friends I competed with at the last state competition.” Going to state is a way to connect and reconnect with your friends and teammates. Upper School Coach Mrs. Wendy Blaine said “My favorite memory was when we went to the George Hotel and took pictures with the sheep that were around the hotel.” 

State is a three-day trip with two days of competition. On April 22, it is all building events, and on the 23rd, it is all testing events. Some build events are Trajectory, Bridge, and Gravity Vehicle. Some testing events are Forensics, Chemistry Lab, and Disease Detectives. There are some differences in the events between Middle School and High School. 

The competitors all enjoy the long bus rides together as that is where many memories are made. Senior Captain Thalia Masepohl said, “State was a time where I could really bond with people and the bus rides with alumni Kori and Brianna.” Not only are there fun bus rides, but there are also fun traditions that the team has when they go to state. Mrs. Wendy Blaine said “I am looking forward to going back in person this year and I am also excited that we get to have our tradition of Freebirds on friday.” 

The competitors are excited and ready to compete next week at State. Hopefully, the competition will be filled with fun and lasting memories for everyone to remember.