MTP Varsity Baseball – Tanner Trout


It’s spring time, you know what it means, Baseball! Our meeting will be over Tanner Trout. Tanner is a sophomore this year. He has been playing baseball since he was just a little kid. He considers baseball to be one of his favorite sports 

Tanner Trout says, “ I enjoy playing baseball because I get to make friends that are not in my grade too.” The varsity baseball team and JV is very close, letting you meet new people and get really deep connections with team mates that are not just in your grade. Tanner also says he likes having practice with his teammates every day because he looks forward to it and being able to get better and better each day. 

Throughout Tanner’s experience with baseball he has made a big difference in every game as he plays with a good attitude and gives really good effort. James Simpson says, “ Tanner is always coming to every practice and game with a positive attitude and is never complaining.” His other teammates have also said of how hard he works. 

Tanner likes games as he is a very competitive player. He says, “ My competitiveness helps me play my best during every game.” He is always ready to win a good game every time he steps on the field. Tanner also appreciates everything his coaches have done to help him be the best he can in this sport. He also appreciates his parents and friends supporting him along the way. Come watch Tanner!