Junior-Senior Banquet 2022

The Class of 2023 puts on an event to celebrate the Class of 2022.

As the year is coming to an end, many events are being held to celebrate the accomplishments that the students of the Class of 2022 have acquired over the past four years. The Junior-Senior Banquet is an event that is put on every year to recognize the various character qualities displayed by each Senior student. Seniors are recognized in front of the Junior class, their own families, and other PCA Staff members. 

The Junior-Senior Banquet is a memorable event. Even Alumni look back on it with fond memories. It is one of the last things that Seniors do before walking across the stage on graduation night which makes the night one of reminiscence. 

The Senior class is large and diverse. With the PCA student body being one of large magnitude, it can be easy to miss the little things that each student does to make a difference in the environment of the school. This event allows those little qualities to be displayed and respected. The night becomes a celebration of how God has uniquely designed each of his children to further develop the Kingdom of God. 

The Senior class is filled with excitement as they await the Banquet. They have seen the pictures of the previous classes receiving their character plaque and cannot wait for their turn to receive their character trait. Junior-Senior Banquet is an event that has been celebrated for many years. It is a PCA tradition.