Special Friend’s Prom

Our Special Friends have the night of their lives


Psalm 139:14 states that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Special Friends Prom is an amazing opportunity for us to show our special needs friends just how meaningful they are to us. Men and women 12 years old and up are able to attend this night.“My brother has special needs and that has always created a love in” her “for special friends” said Freshman Chandler McGaha.

Volunteers are assigned to different stations to make sure everything is going well. “I enjoyed being a buddy and taking part in the paparazzi” said Junior Lily Nolan.  “I enjoyed helping with karaoke” said Freshman Chandler McGaha. As a paparazzi, you take pictures of these friends and place it in a frame for them to keep. As a makeup and hair stylist, you can glam the special friends up. When you are 16, you can be placed as a buddy with your parents. When you are 18, you can be placed as a buddy by yourself. As a buddy, you walk around with these special friends and assist them throughout the night. You dance with them, sing with them, and take pictures with them. 

The night begins with buddies pairing up to escort these special friends throughout the night. Whether on the dance floor, in the photo booth or at the karaoke station, these special friends get to enjoy a night honoring them. Then a dinner of Chick-fil-A is served. After eating each and every one of these special friends is crowned a prom queen or king. 

Special Friends Prom is an amazing eye opening experience. Seeing the joy radiating off the faces of the special friends is truly life changing. “I loved seeing how joyful everyone was and being able to focus on serving others” said Junior Lily Nolan. Special Friends Prom is an amazing way to bring joy to these special friends.