FPS State

The Future Problem Solving program is going to State in Waco



FPS students compete in an attempt to qualify to State in Waco.

This year, 40 teams from grades 6th-12th qualified to State, which will be held in-person in Waco. FPS coaches Mrs. Trudy Reed, 6th-8th, and Mrs. Shannon Lichty, 9th-12th, are very excited for the return of an in-person state competition. 

Texas FPS is a program established in 1980. This year the State Director is Mrs. Lisa Quintana, a former FPS teacher. The top competitors from this state competition will advance to the International competition. For several FPS competitors, this will be their first competition in-person or their first competition with FPS. 

The Senior class especially remembers going to State in-person. Senior Evie Edwards said, “Part of doing FPS is interacting with everyone from around the state and hanging out with new people.” Senior Joanna Anil said, “I’m so glad it’s back in person and I’m looking forward to the competition being in Waco this year because it will be cool to explore a new area.” They both like being in-person, and as seniors, this is their last state competition to attend. Not only do students compete in the skit category, but they also compete in scenario performance and scenario writing. Evie said, “My favorite part is getting to see the skits. It is so interesting to see how people will interpret their step 6 and the creative theme they will take.” Joanna said, “Our winning skit freshman year was about The Lion King and I had to tape two chopsticks to my face to be Pumba and I just remember that skit was really fun to be a part of.” 

So many memories are made at the FPS state competition. State is just around the corner and the excitement to go only grows. It will be interesting to see how all the teams do at State and hopefully some will qualify for the international competition in June.