Varsity Girls Basketball Wrap-Up – Interviewing Freshman Allie Swindell


Best memories of the season? 

Going to Arizona with the team for a tournament. 

Favorite game? 

When Destinee and Mackenzie set and broke records against Trinity Christian Academy. 

What will you miss the most about the season or team? 

All the seniors. 

What have you learned? 

How to be more physical. 

If you could change one thing about the season, what would it be? 

Being able to go to the Dominican Republic for our minimester trip. 

Favorite tradition? 

Praying before the game as a team or going to La Madeline to eat. 

Do you plan on playing in college or any next level? Where? 

Yes, Princeton. 

What are some areas of your game that needs improvement? 

Being more confident with the ball in my hands. 

What is one word that best describes this years season? 


Advice you would give to the upcoming freshmen that are wanting to be a Lady Lion? 

Cherish every moment because you don’t realize how fast it goes by.