Meet the Alumni – Faculty Edition


What year did you graduate from Prestonwood?

Mrs. Becca Ellis- “I graduated in 2009.”

Ms. Emilie Rhodes- “I graduated in 2017.”

Ms. Mimi LaMendola- “I graduated in 2015.”

What position do you hold at Prestonwood?

Mrs. Becca Ellis- “I teach third grade with the best team ever!”

Ms. Emilie Rhodes- “I teach Freshman and Junior english.”

Ms. Mimi LaMendola- “Admissions Record Manager.”

How many years did you attend Prestonwood?

Mrs. Becca Ellis- “I went to PCA for 6 years.”

Ms. Emilie Rhodes- “I went to PCA for 14 years. I was a lifer!”

Ms. Mimi LaMendola- “I was a lifer! I went to PCA for 14 years.”

What made you come back to work at Prestonwood?

Mrs. Becca Ellis- “I wanted to come back because of the impact the teachers at PCA had on me. I had teachers who not only cared about my academic performance, but myself as a whole. Some of the teachers who impacted me the most are still at PCA today and I think that speaks volume about them. It shows their commitment to the school and students and I wanted to come back and be a part of that.”

Ms. Emilie Rhodes- “I came back to teach at Prestonwood because I love that PCA prepares students academically and spiritually for life beyond PCA.”

Ms. Mimi LaMendola- “This is where God led me.”

How many years have you worked at Prestonwood?

Mrs. Becca Ellis- “3 years.”

Ms. Emilie Rhodes- “This is my first year.”

Ms. Mimi LaMendola- “1 year.”