Transportation Day

Kindergarten students learn the rules of the road

Transportation day is a kid’s dream come true. On this day, Kindergarten students get to make their very own car and take it to school. The car is made out of a cardboard box, and students get to customize it however they want, which makes it even more special. Sophomore Alexis Wilson says, “Being able to see what life is like, for example driving a car, as a young kid excites you to try to be an adult.” 

Looking back on this day as a high school student, it was probably most students’ favorite Lower School memory or event. After you make your car, you take it to school. Once at school, you go around an indoor roadway that the parents made. The road usually contains chick fil a, a car wash, a bank, and a jail. There is also a parent pretending to be a police officer showing the process of getting a ticket. 

Sophomore Bradie Boswell says, “I remember I got a speeding ticket and I still have that. I thought it was so cool.” The color of each person’s car is one way to identify each student’s personality. There is everything from basic cars to crazy tie dye cars. Junior Meghan Murrillo says, “I never got to do transportation day, but the way I see the students’ eyes light up the day. It just shows me that it really made them happy.” 

Transportation day has been a longstanding PCA tradition that many students look back on fondly.