Special Friends Game 2022

A roaring student section for our annual Special Friends game showing all love for the game. In hindsight, the MVP of the game, who was leading score and had a heavy fan base. (Treava Lewandowski)
TIP OFF! The rushing adrenaline of the game began with all 5v5 determined to take the victory. (Dr. Goddard)
A perfect view of all players, cheerleaders, and fans that are all dialed into the game in action. There is nothing better than a 3 point game with 4:25 left of the game. (Dr. Goddard)
The anticipation for something spontaneous to happen, while the ball is held on top of the key. As seconds wind down, who will take the overall WIN? (Dr. Goddard)
One wide open shot to be taken from elbow extended with an aftermath of screams and applause as result. SWISH. Home team takes it all! (Dr. Goddard)