Third Quarter Survival Tips

We’re almost to the end, here’s how to make it in all of your classes


Aubrey Pasant

Seniors Matthew Mitchell and Maia Brown pose with graduation caps.

The third quarter has arrived, and many students say that the third quarter is the hardest quarter. These are some tips and advice for each of the core classes from students to students to help you succeed this quarter.

CP/Honors English I: Freshmen Ella Henrie said, “Pay attention in class and get your work turned in on time.”

CP/Honors Algebra I: Freshmen Haley Thornton said, “First, connect with the teacher and ask for help when you need it, very, very important!”

CP/Honors Biology: Freshmen Laryn Kate Chretien said, “I love honors Biology because Mrs. Gravett is an amazing teacher and makes it fun. Just pay attention in class and study for tests and you will be fine.”

CP/Honors Geometry: Sophomore Emily Ketchand said, “Before a quiz or test, look over all your notes and write down on a piece of paper everything you know and everything you think will be on the test. Then come in for tutoring to make sure you are totally prepared.”

CP/Honors World History I: Freshmen Laryn Kate Chretien said, “Honors history was challenging and a little stressful at first. Now, I completely enjoy it and Ms. D is the best. I would say to not stress yourself out too much in the first semester and DON’T get too behind on the notes!”

Historical Theology (9th): Freshmen Ella Henrie said, “Make sure to study the highlighted notes and the practice tests.”

Historical Theology (10th): Sophomore Peyton Glass said, “My advice for historical theology is to pay attention in class so you can really understand the class.”

CP/Honors Algebra II: Sophomore Riley Arnett said, “Make sure you ask questions and go in early if you need help. Also, don’t procrastinate.”

CP/Honors World History II: Sophomore Jackie Dominguez said, “As long as you work hard and do your homework, you shouldn’t have any problems succeeding.”

CP/Honors Chemistry: Sophomore Madelyn Gray said, “The most helpful thing for me in Mrs. Blaine’s class is making sure I am applying the knowledge as she teaches us, and to go in during activity period for help if I missed something during the lecture. She is a really engaging teacher and makes the concepts easier to understand once you go in to ask any clarifying questions!”

CP/Honors English II: Sophomore John Acker said, “The most important thing that I have seen is that staying ahead and doing your work early is very helpful.”

CP/Honors Anatomy: Senior Evie Edwards said, “Pay attention in class because it is really fascinating, have fun, and enjoy all of the labs and fun activities.”

AP Chemistry: Senior Thalia Masepohl said, “Don’t procrastinate, ever. If you ever get stuck on a topic go to Dr. Steen. It might be scary, but it’s very helpful.”

AP Biology: Junior Belle Senkel said, “Truly set aside time and take time to read the chapters and you will succeed.”

CP/Honors Physics: Senior Macy Dale said, “I would say some advice would be to think of physics as a logic class and that helps you to understand the concepts.”

AP Physics I: Junior Laurel Smurawa said, “Know that you are going to fail no matter what so don’t get hung up on your grades, just don’t make the same mistakes twice. Also, learning why things work instead of memorizing will make your life a lot easier.”

AP Physics C: Senior Luke Pipkin said, “Physics has its own vocabulary, which you must learn ASAP, or else you will fall behind. Also, as with any STEM class, it is important to ask good questions. The teacher wants you to learn, but you have to take the initiative to inquire about what you don’t understand.”

CP/Honors Pre-Calculus: Senior Macy Dale said, “Make sure to always turn in your homework, do the review, and go in for tutoring if you are confused because it pays off.”

CP/Honors English III: Junior Alice Martin said, “The way Mrs. Paulsen structures her class and makes it a great way to learn. I would recommend asking questions and connecting with your teacher to succeed in the class.”

AP Language and Composition: Junior Laurel Smurawa said, “Be prepared to look deeper into the text and be able to connect it to the different historical time periods. Also, if you figure out what works for you in preparation and developing your essays it will help a lot, especially in timed writings.”

AP Literature and Composition: Senior Sydney Brown said, “I’d say give yourself more time than you think you need for writing papers and reading assignments to save yourself from extra stress. Also, do the bonus journals! They can really boost your grade at the end of the semester.”

AP US History: Junior Laurel Smurawa said, “I’d say know how to manage your time well and get the most out of every minute you spend studying. Work smarter and harder and also know that your grade will be very humbling no matter what you are used to.”

AP US Government: Senior Maia Brown said, “I would say to keep pushing through because the finish line is right around the corner. Make sure that you continue to work hard, and pray for God’s guidance.”

CP/Honors US History: Junior Katie Arnett said, “Make sure you stay on top of your notes and homework.”

CP/Honors Government and Economics: Senior Luke Pipkin said, “My best advice is to learn the jargon and hard vocabulary as quickly as possible. Lectures and supplementary videos may be entirely incomprehensible if you are not following along with the unique vocabulary.”

Apologetics: Junior Yinghao Ho said, “Make sure to pay attention in class and be respectful to Mr. Lee.”

CP/Honors English VI: Senior Matthew Mitchell said, “I would say that it is vital to read the material, it may be a lot to take in but it is absolutely worth it. Also, I am a procrastinator usually, but it is vital to start papers early because the quality will be so much better.”

Honors Business Analysis: Senior Thalia Masepohl said, “Don’t procrastinate on homework even though it’s the last semester of senior year for most. The ability to exempt finals is a good goal.”

AP Calculus AB: Senior Emma Skeans said, “My advice for AP Calculus AB would be to trust the process. It’s a difficult class but if you make sure you’re doing your homework and getting help when you need it, eventually the results you want will come. Don’t get discouraged easily because it does take work but it’s very doable.”

AP Statistics: Junior Katie Arnett said, “Ask clarification questions if you don’t understand the material and always read the chapter before the test.”

AP Calculus BC: Senior Maia Brown said, “Just keep pushing through because the AP exam is right around the corner. Do your best and use your resources.”

Philosophy and Ethics: Senior Macy Dale said, “Read the book and take notes about what you read.”

Forensics: Senior Matthew Mitchell said, “I would say that it is good to be engaged because it is super fun and interesting. What you put into it is what you will get out of it.”