Christmas Through the Years

PCA Staffs’ Christmas Traditions


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It is almost Christmas and many staff members have different Christmas traditions.

Christmas is a time of great joy and fellowship. Families and friends all around the globe come together to celebrate the holiday season. Fun holiday traditions are performed every year with great excitement. The PCA Staff and their families tide in this Christmas season with many family traditions

Traditions involve family members of different generations. Mrs. Pyle, Upper School Receptionist, said, “on Christmas Eve we go to a candlelight service with all of my family. Then, on Christmas morning all of my children and grandchildren come over and we spend the whole day as family and do home cooking and fun family activities.” The birth of Christ is the reason for the season. This momentous event can be a source of joy in a family’s holiday traditions. 

Christmas traditions vary from family to family. Mrs. Nappier, Upper School Math Teacher, said, “Every year my family buys cheap ornaments to put on the tree. Then, we shoot them off with airsoft guns on Christmas morning.” There is no standard Christmas tradition. Diversity and creativity shine through the various activities that families partake in every year. 

Some families have few traditions while others have many. Mrs. Phillips, Upper School History Teacher, said, “My family participates in advent, so on Sundays, we light the advent candles and read Bible verses. We always put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Sometimes we have a family talent show. I have danced, sung, and made a history of the family kahoot.” The holiday season gives people the time and opportunity to grow closer to their family and friends. It is a time to build memories that will last a lifetime. 

Christmas treaties sugar up the season. Mrs. Blaine, Upper School Science Teacher, said “starting the first week of December we make lots of Christmas candies like millionaires, chocolate covered cherries, and fudge.” Culinary talents are put on display during this time of the year. The mass production of baked goods and candies draws at the taste buds of adults and children alike. 

Christmas is a time of great cheer. Traditions are unique, diverse, and great displays of family fun and excitement. The passing down of traditions ensure the continuation of the creation of delightful Christmas memories.