Meet The Teacher – Mr. Bannis


Matthew Mitchell

Meet the teacher Mr. Bannis, an Upper School Bible teacher at PCA.

What do you teach at PCA?  

“I teach Philosophy and Ethics.”

How many years have you been teaching at PCA? 

“This is my 14th year teaching at PCA.” 

How has teaching impacted your life? 

“Teaching is the most meaningful thing I do. It’s where I connect with people and where I connect with them over the thing I love the most.”

Where did you go to college? 

“I went to a tiny college called Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham.” 

What type of music do you listen to?

“Lately I listen to a lot of instrumental music. It is usually a lot of modern, jazz, and pop. For example, Snarky Puppy and Ghost-Note. I love musical instruments, so I love music genres that cause me to focus on the instrumentation and the skill of the artist.” 


“I have two girls. My oldest is a senior, and my youngest is in eighth grade.”

Who is your greatest inspiration? 

“When I was younger it was especially my mom and my pastor, Peter Thomas. However, as I grew more and more other people began to influence my life. Thomas Aquinas has been a great influence on my life and my mind. Eleonore Stump has also had a great influence on me.”  

What is on your bucket list? 

“I would love to go to Italy and eat Italian food. I would also want to go to the Sistine Chapel.”

Dream car… “The Tesla Model S Plaid is my dream car.”

What have you learned from teaching your students? 

“I have learned more from my students than I teach them. One of the things I have learned is that there is always so much more to discover and you should always be a student. Anytime you think you have arrived or gotten there you are just at the beginning. A good approach to life is to approach life as a student.”

What is a Christmas tradition that your family has? 

“Growing up in the Caribbean, my mom would cook all kinds of things. I remember always being around while my mom was cooking and eating the ham she made with cloves stuck in it. I have unpleasant memories of biting into the ham and getting one of the cloves. Now, my family and I always open our stockings the night before Christmas after going to church.”