Communicating Their Way To The Top

PCA Students involved in the communications department invest much of their time and achieve thrilling results



PCA Students involved in the communications department invest much of their time and achieve thrilling results.

The Mock Trial and Speech and Debate programs are made up of a diverse set of brilliant minds. The two programs are outlets for groundbreaking ideas and God-given talents. Students have the opportunity to stretch their mental and physical capabilities to new heights. 

Mrs. Kim Stidham, Upper School Speech Teacher, said, “Mock Trial is a real-world simulation of a criminal or civil case. From start to finish students take on the parts of witnesses and/or attorneys to defend or prosecute a case.” Students are able to get a glimpse at what a future occupation in law would look like. The experiences they have give them a ledge above many other high school students interested in the occupation. 

“In addition to the normal class time spent on the case, outside scrimmages are held after school or on weekends throughout the year until competition,” said Mrs. Stidham. Members on the Mock Trial team devote much time to the program in order to achieve their goals. The time commitment shows the dedication of the team’s members. 

The program brings together students of different ages and talents and gives them an opportunity to work together to achieve a common goal. Senior member of the Mock Trial team, Jannan Jeihani, said, “I recommend that younger students participate in Mock Trial. I have really enjoyed competing with my team.” The benefits of membership are endless. 

Mrs. Wilson, the Director of Communication Arts, said, “The Speech and Debate team is an academic competition team that debates and performs during the school year. PCA participates in Congressional Debate, Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Prose and Poetry performance, Original Oratory, Informative Speech and Extemporaneous Speaking.” Students are presented with a diverse set of categories in which they can express their ideas. 

The Speech and Debate program has benefits that extend beyond a student’s high school experience. “Speech and Debate is a program in which students have been competing for over 75 years. It is a recognized Honor society that provides life skills, opens doors for jobs and colleges and even provides scholarship opportunities,” said Mrs. Wilson. The members’ decision to participate sets them up for a successful future. 

Junior Bettina Devadoss said, “I would recommend younger students join the speech and debate program because starting developing speaking skills at a young age best equips members to grow as a speaker. The younger a member joins, the easier it is to form speaking habits and the longer they have to master the skill!” Growth and improvement are guarantees that come from student participation and effort. “My favorite part about being on the team is competing individually while still competing as a team,” said Bettina Devadoss. The team is a community that emphasises personal and collective achievements. 

Members of the communication department at PCA work hard to set themselves apart from the masses. Their time commitment is great but is worth it when they walk across the stage to receive their plethora of awards. The department breeds friendships and skills that will carry students through their high school career and beyond.