The Miraculous Journey

The Fall Play Cast Performs The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane


PCA Theatre

The fall play this year was The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Fall! Fall! Favorite time of year and favorite time for plays! Every year they do a fall and spring play. The cast works hours and hours spending time preparing for their play from spending hours right after school until late at night. A big concept of doing these plays is learning time management and coming out of your comfort zone. The play this year is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  The play revolves around a bunny and a little boy. He finds a young mistress who treats him with true love and respect, but there was an accident. find out what happens. 

A quote throughout the play is, “You must keep your heart open and ready to love and be loved.”  Freshman Jessica Harley says, “This quote is a good way to stay positive during the whole play and during all practices.” A lot of people grow throughout this play both individually and with others. Senior Collin Mayo says,” I love the fall play because it gives you the opportunity to grow with people outside your grade.” Getting to be with people everyday for thousands of hours gives you a chance to become closer with people you would have never met. The play is a good way to also get out of your comfort zone. For example Senior Audrey Meece says, “ If I would have never done the play I would not be in the same place speaking wise.” 

These plays last for about two hours with a thirty minute intermission. “The play is the perfect length”, says sophomore Emilyy Widner. The setting is very good as the actors and actresses have to be moving at all times because they are frequently changing characters, costumes and scenes.  theatre is another learning opportunity that can help you with life and is also very enjoyable.