Fall Follies 2021

Students Rehearse Diligently to Make Fall Fun


Cort Letcher

This is the 2021 Fall Follies production at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Once again, it is the time of year for Prestonwood Baptist Fall Follies. Follies combines the extraordinary talent of the students and music from the movies we all know and love. During the weeks leading up to the Follies performances, these students put in the time and effort to bring the audience a truly incredible performance. For four shows over the span of two days, these students put their best foot forward to put this amazing show together. With over 400 students, these participants come from all ages with a wide variety of talents.


The theme for this year was “Night at the Movies,” which included songs from “Sing”, “Hairspray”, “La La Land” and many more fan favorite movies. These students have fun on and off the stage and make memories that they will definitely not forget. Senior Cassidy Payne says her favorite memory from Fall Follies 2021 is “Being with all the seniors for one of the last times.” Senior Cort Letcher says his favorite memory was “playing hackysack with the guys in the cast.” Even Middle School Students get the opportunity to be a part of this production. Eighth Grade Student Sophia Allen performed in “The Lion King” and says her favorite memory was “being with all my friends.” and performing with them. 


However, there are challenges that come with such a commitment. Junior Luke McGarry says the most challenging thing for him was “all the time we spent doing it.” For Seniors, this performance is bittersweet. This Fall Follies is the last Follies these Seniors will participate in. Senior Cassidy Payne also says the most challenging part of Follies was “it ending” since it is her last time.


From up beat group numbers to dramatic yet extremely talented solos, this show continues to bring enjoyment and excitement to the audience. Every year, Fall Follies leaves the audience in awe of the talent these students have and the fearlessness they have to show it. Fall Follies is a great showcase where these students have the opportunity to embrace the talents God has given them and use these talents for His glory. This show continues to go above and beyond and always exceeds expectations.