Meet the Player Varsity Swim – Thalia Masepohl


Destinee Baker

This is Thalia Masepohl, the lion of the week who is on the swim team.

When did you start swimming? 

I started when I was 12 years old. 

How many hours a week do you practice? 

I practice for about 12 hours a week. 

Name one thing you are working to improve right now? 

My breaststroke time. 

Pre-game ritual? 

Lauren DenBraber caps me.

What’s something you need to do for a game? 

Bring water. 

How would your teammates describe you? 

My teammates would say I am energetic. 

Who is your role model, and why? 

My grandfather, he has lived a fulfilling life doing many. Things successfully and having a positive impact on everyone he meets. 

What is the hardest thing about swimming? 

Butterfly Pyramid Sets. 

Name something that stresses you out, and why?  

A lack of time to do anything. If I have two events back to back and little time to rest in between, I will not be in the best shape for the race.

Name a recent accomplishment you are proud of, and why? 

I became captain. I love being able to lead my team.

Before I graduate, I want to ________, and why? 

I would love to get my closest friends together and take a trip. It would be a nice bonding experience before we all go our separate ways.

Name one thing about yourself that most people don’t know?

Swimming is the 9th sport I have competed in.